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Iranian Artist Creates Silicon Statues of National Heroes

Iranian artist Alireza Khaghani is leveraging his medical background to build a series of life-sized silicon statues of national heroes. He plans to display the collection in a permanent exhibition at Tehran’s Milad Tower in Tehran, as he told the Persian service of MNA on Tuesday.



Amir Kabir (1807-1852), the chief minister of the Qajar king Nasser ad-Din Shah, Ali Shariati (1933-1977), an Iranian revolutionary and scholar, and Mohammad Mosaddeq, the prime minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953, are among the figures. Khaghani’s earlier exhibition which featured statues of a number of contemporary Iranian luminaries was showcased in an exhibition at the Iranian Artists Forum in summer and the artist plans to expand his work with the new show.


This collection will also be displayed in the paramagnet show at Milad Tower. Both collections, which have been purchased by the officials of Milad Tower, will be transferred to the permanent exhibition that will open on December 10.


Khaghani, who has long worked on making silicon prostheses, says that he has found silicon to be a material which can be made to have a texture similar to the human skin. Additionally, he prefers to use this material in terms of durability as the visitors can hug and touch the statues without them being damaged.

Source : charchub

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